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The exploitation of seniors and elders is a growing problem for both elder Americans and their families. Seniors living alone or suffering from competency issues are vulnerable to a range of potentially exploitive situations and parties. Does your parent or other elder family member suffer from:

  • Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Dementia?
  • Senility?

If you are concerned about the exploitation of a senior, the Phoenix elder financial exploitation attorneys can provide experienced and effective legal help. We have helped dozens of clients protect vulnerable family members against other family members, executors, fiduciaries, trustees, predatory lenders and others.

Do you have questions regarding financial exploitation of elders? Do you suspect undue influence played a part in an estate plan or will change? Contact attorneys Andrew P. Gorman or Matthew Mark Jones of Gorman & Jones, PLC at 623-974-5585.

We have practiced estate planning and probate law and litigation, including senior financial exploitation, exclusively since 1999. We appear in court in estate litigation on a regular basis, and are members of the probate and trust section of the Arizona State Bar and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and are fully knowledgeable regarding state and federal laws protecting elders from financial exploitation. A recent case illustrates our effectiveness:

Our client was concerned that her 92 year-old father had lost his home and savings just prior to death. We investigated and learned that the father had transferred his property to a new “friend” he had met at a church.

We also learned that this new person had persuaded other seniors to give him property while residing in other states. Our representation led to our client’s legal claim and ownership of all property that had previously belonged to her father before his death.

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