Protection of Vulnerable Adults Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

Committed to Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Harm

At Gorman & Jones, PLC, our attorneys envision themselves as champions of protecting vulnerable adults. With years of experience, detailed knowledge of the law, and unyielding compassion, our lawyers work to prevent vulnerable adults from falling victim to abuse, neglect, fraud or coercion.

Our Phoenix elder lawyers represent vulnerable adults and their family members, and offer detailed advice on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Guardianships and conservatorships: Protecting your loved one’s health and their assets can be difficult when they have become unable to make decisions for themselves. Fortunately, creating a convertor ship or guardianship can help your family designate an individual or several individuals to make decisions on their behalf. Our attorneys work to help you understand the benefits of creating a guardianship or conservatorship, and provide the personalized advice you need to insure that your arrangement is exactly what your family and loved ones deserve.
  • ALTCS: The Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS), Arizona’s Medicaid program, provides much needed healthcare benefits to elderly, physically disabled and developmentally disabled individuals. These benefits can make all the difference in the quality and amount of care you or your loved one can afford. We offer detailed advice on all aspects of the ALTCS system, and can even help you gain eligibility through creation of a Miller Trust or Income Only Trust.
  • Social Security: Social Security programs such as SSD or SSI are designed to help vulnerable individuals who are unable to work due to their medical concerns. We offer comprehensive advice on both programs, including how to file a claim for benefits or how to appeal a previously denied claim.
  • Abuse of trust or coercion: Our attorneys represent families who fear that a loved one has fallen victim to a predatory caretaker, guardian or conservator. We have the experience needed to contest a will through probate litigation and work to insure that your loved one’s wishes are adhered to as they desire, not as a greedy individual or party interprets.

Whatever your family’s specific concerns may be, we work to provide the personalized and helpful advice you need to understand your legal options and provide the utmost protection for yourself or your loved one. Contact us online or call 623-974-5585 to discuss your unique needs and learn how we can be of assistance.

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