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At the Phoenix, Sun City, & Scottsdale law offices of Gorman & Jones, PLC, probate lawyers Andrew P. Gorman and Matthew M. Jones help establish legal guardianship in Phoenix. Whether you need to name a guardian for a minor child, or select a guardian for yourself in the event of incapacity, we can help you make a wise choice. The guardian can be named through a will, part of a trust instrument, or through a medical power of attorney. However you do this, we will help you sort through the factors that should go into the selection of a guardian for yourself or your children. For more information about choosing a guardian, contact us at our Arizona probate litigation law firm.


We also help people name conservators to manage assets, either for young children or for incapacitated adults. The issues to be considered for selecting this individual are slightly different than are those for guardians. We help clients walk through the process to choose someone who will manage assets carefully and according to the client’s wishes.

Court-appointed guardians

Our lawyers assist people who are seeking guardianships or conservatorships for another person. This situation is typically an adult child hoping to have the court appoint a guardian or conservator for his or her parent. This usually happens in cases where the parent is unable to execute a power of attorney. In addition, court-appointed temporary guardianship can be requested when the individual will be incapacitated for a limited period.

Contested guardianships

On occasion, there is really no need for a guardian for an elderly person. The individual for whom the guardian is being requested contests the appointment. We represent elders contesting the assignment of a guardian.

Comprehensive legal guardianship representation

In these matters, our lawyers handle everything. If you have questions about any issue related to guardianship or conservatorship, contact our probate attorneys at Gorman & Jones, PLC to schedule a free initial consultation.

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