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Conservatorships and guardianships are legal tools used to protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation. Conservatorships are created by the court, and conservators are appointed by the court.

If you believe it is necessary to create a conservatorship to protect an elderly parent or relative or other vulnerable adult, including an adult with congenital or injury-related cognitive challenges, contact the Phoenix probate law firm of Gorman & Jones, PLC. Probate attorneys Andrew P. Gorman or Matthew Mark Jones can provide experienced legal help.

Do you have questions regarding conservatorships and guardianships? Contact a firm that has helped to establish numerous conservatorships since 1999. Call 623-974-5585.

Conservatorships usually occur because a party petitions the court. If you wish to establish a conservatorship, we can:

  • Present your petition for conservatorship in your court hearing
  • Handle all transactions related to the petition and court processes

We Can Help When Problems Arise with a Conservatorship

Sometimes issues arise with a conservator. Has a conservator failed to protect his or her conservatee or ward? Has a conservator his or her position or neglected or abused fiduciary responsibilities?

We are highly skilled and experienced litigators, and are adept at handling legal disputes ranging from will and trust contests and disputes over competency to questions regarding conservators’ conduct.

If you have questions or legal needs regarding conservatorships, contact a firm that has handled conservatorship law and other estate planning-related law exclusively since 1999 for a no-charge consultation.

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