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In theory, wills and trusts are simple documents and entities that can lay out property owners’ wishes for their assets both prior to and after death. In reality, wills and trusts can be highly complicated, and disputes over 1) their meaning, and 2) the circumstances under which they were created are very common.

At the Phoenix law firm of Gorman & Jones, PLC, firm attorneys Andrew P. Gorman and Matthew Mark Jones have handled numerous probate litigation cases and have successfully protected millions of dollars in combined assets for probate litigation clients. We are in court weekly and commonly handle probate litigation cases involving:

  • Competency issues, in which the details of a will or trust are disputed based on the mental and emotional competency of the document’s creator
  • Undue influence, in which the creator of a will or trust is pressured into creating or changing a document and doesn’t understand the implications of his or her actions. Undue influence is often effectively accomplished in conjunction with competency issues
  • Questionable will changes, which often occur just days before death, are in someone else’s handwriting or were properly and legally witnessed
  • Incompetent or dishonest executors who allegedly invest trust monies incorrectly, fail to follow asset distribution rules and laws and misallocate funds

If you believe a will or trust was created or changed illegally or unfairly, or that a trust has been intentionally or unintentionally mismanaged, contact Gorman & Jones, PLC for a no-charge discussion of your case and for experienced and effective legal representation.

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